The Great Village Show – Alexandra Brown

I am back in Tindledale, which I first visited in The Great Christmas Knit Off and said it was a good heart warming read and if they were to continue to be so – then the author has a hit on her hands. Well I completely stand by what I said. Heartwarming in bucket loads.

So some of the characters are familiar and it felt like I was back with old friends. However this story concentrates on Meg, the village’s acting headteacher. She enjoys her job and has thrown herself into helping the children to occupy her time as well as her homemade wine she makes, to take her mind off her only son, away at university and no longer needing her as much.

When the village school is threatened with closure  Meg does her utmost to make sure it does not happen. Of course she needs the villagers support which leads to her getting involved in the village show.

After last years disastrous results, Tindledale residents want to go all out and win this time round. With her teacher attitude to organising and getting people to join in, Meg soon finds her time taken up with this as well. Even a dash of celebrity gets the whole thing moving along nicely. Tindledale is certainly going to get on the map.

Surely she cannot find time to worry about a new resident, Jessie and her strained marriage as well as romance for herself. Of course all this and more can happen in this novel.

This book has a real community feel, everyone draws together, despite differences and brings the story to its rightful conclusion. Perhaps an idyllic view of village life that does not exist entirely. The beauty of telling a story is to suspend all that, to take the reader and no doubt the author to a place where it all happens.

I repeat the heartwarming feeling that this book brings and I look forward to returning once again to Tindledale.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book. 

The Great Village Show is out now in all formats. 

I have currently one more of Alexandra Browns book to read – Ice Cream at Carrington’s which I think completes her Carrington series? I much prefer the Tindledale one, but it will be nice to catch up with the department store. 


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