Stanley’s Summer Story

It is about eight weeks now since I moved to my new home. I think some of you may have seen me when I first arrived.


Well I have to say it has been all go since then and I think I have fitted in really well. My humans seem a nice couple and they play, fuss and feed me very well.

I was allowed outside on my first day and had a bit of a run about, but it was exhausting so I had to have a sit down for a while.


The very next day I was taken out in a basket and people took my photo and my humans did not know who they were but said I was cute. I visited the V E T and they jabbed, poked, prodded and gave me the once over and said I was cute too. I have been back again and I was a good boy because I did not squeak when I was jabbed. One of my humans is not keen on these things, but she comes with me any way.

Of course I have done a lot of sleeping on people and chairs as humans watch the television.


When my humans go out, they leave me near my crate and I have a friend for sleeping with.


When the humans watch the television, I sit in this basket


The thing is I like to be with them all the time. They are always talking to me, but I get confused as my name is Stanley, but they keep saying Puss and Bandit. I have yet to work out who they are?

When I am in my crate I am not with my humans, so I made a decision to sleep with them.


I am not sure if they were keen or not but I did not give them much choice. Though I did hear them say, they didn’t mind so long as I went out to the toilet. I am doing that nearly all of the time, but sometimes I forget. It is so exciting to see them sometimes.

Now I have been to the V E T three times, I can go out and about a bit more now and see other things. I have to wear this funny contraption, which doesn’t bother me when it’s on, but it takes so long for my humans to work out how it goes on, I get bored.


I of course have a big garden to play in and plenty of places to put my face in and investigate. Apparently though I get a bit too messy


Of course with grass, my feet get wet. So what I say? My humans were not so impressed.


Apparently when humans are dirty they must have a bath. This applies to me too.


All these new things are very tiring. But I think I am going to stay where I am because it is rather nice and the humans are good and the visiting human who likes reading and writing visits me too. She went away and I got to see her on this little screen and hear her, but I could not work out why I could not bite her toes? When I saw her again, I checked the toes.

That is all from me now, I will be back soon, but I have some growing to be getting on with and some toes to eat. Apparently the visiting human will be writing about books and not me next time, which I am sure will be interesting but won’t be as cute as me.