The Lady in the Van – Alan Bennett

This is a little story with a huge impact. The book is in fact small in size and it is only 96 pages long but it is a complete joy to read.

It is the true story of Miss Shepherd, the lady of the title and her van living on Alan Bennett’s drive. It was only meant to be a temporary measure, but it lasted more than fifteen years.

One good turn by Bennett turns into this book, a stage play, a radio play and is now to be made into a feature film featuring Dame Maggie Smith as ‘The Lady’.

The book has little vignettes of what The Lady got herself into, her colourful language and eccentricities as she deals with authority make you laugh out loud.

However underneath it all there is a sadness and a poignancy to the writing and it made me quite sad by the end, despite the laughs along the way.

I cannot wait until the film is out, I think it is going to be wonderful.