How to host a Royal Wedding in 10 easy steps

1. You need a couple, preferably a prince and a delightful girl, if she is a commoner all the better as it will tug at the heart strings of the nation and all those nations abroad.

2. If one of their Grandmothers is well known and has some connections, then you can pop round the corner to the local abbey, and then head back to her house where she has a balcony for you to look out on and big rooms to hold a couple of parties in.

3. Make sure you pick the right sort of guests, you will have to have the ones your parents (and even grandparents want) but you will be allowed some more down to earth well known people.  You might need to make sure they know it is a wedding and a happy event. You would think she would have at least worn something a bit more cheery, but I cannot deny it did look beautiful, even whilst pregnant and in them heels. 

If the choir does not turn up, make sure there is someone available to sing at a moments notice. I thought Sir Elton looked rather peaky? 

4. Make it an event for a nation. Ask the prime minister (if you know him or know someone who does) to gives us all the day off (apologies to those who because of the important work they do, cannot have the day off). Even better if the PM had not been so wasteful with his money and walked from his house to the abbey then perhaps his wife could have ironed her dress and worn a hat! Personal opinion, but I did not like this dress, and I understand it was Burberry. Still did not like it. 

5. Get a few photographers and if you have the chance perhaps get someone to video it for you, you can watch it back and relive it for years to come and so will your friends and family. Though I would stick with a well known company who has a good reputation.

6. Let people come and watch, join in the fun and see the pomp and circumstance, throw in a couple of bands, ask your Grandmother I think she knows a few? Horses, even if you are allergic and make use of symbols and flags.  But you might need some help in directing the traffic and the people. Just to make sure everyone is safe and has a good time.

7. Get a good dress, and remember that is all everyone will be talking about. If you can keep it a secret until the last minute even better, especially in this day. The dress was beautiful, so stylish, so elegant and I loved the long lace sleeves and the train was the perfect length. Her maid of honour, was in a very beautiful dress as well, but she made she sure that it was the bride who was stunning. 

8. Make sure the groom is well turned out and looked after by his best man, his brother might be a good choice? They looked rather an impish pair, and if anything Prince Harry looked more nervous than Prince William.

9. Everyone will want to see you kiss, apparently this seals the deal! I think for me when Catherine stepped out onto that balcony and said “wow” when she saw the crowds of well wishers – it summed up the whole day. 

10. And finally get used to using your new name, you cannot just simply be Mr and Mrs. Try Duke and Duchess of Cambridge see how you get on with that for a while. And remember you must answer to Her Royal Highness now and not Kate.

What a beautiful day, a beautiful couple and I wish them luck for the many years to come, and the many things they will face, they can now face it together. United.