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March Roundup

A quarter of the way through the year 3 out of 12 months done on 2011. And here I am doing another roundup post. I am sure there is a better word than roundup, but for the moment it has stuck and will probably stay for the rest of the 9 months of 2011. That will be three-quarters then! Why all the numbers? Well I wrote a post in March about how numbers are so much in my life (as well as everyone elses) and please feel free to go back and have a look. It sort of gives you a bit of background about me.

As for the books well 8 for March not a bad number and rather a mix of books as well. I do not set out and think I will read x amount this month. It is merely a case of however the month progresses.

I finished the Great Transworld Crime Caper with If I Never See You Again by Niamh O’Connor and The Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett. ┬áReflecting back I think that I may go back to Simon Beckett’s novels and enjoy some more of them. Nikki-Ann over on Notes of Life who has read all of Beckett’s novels and has some excellent reviews.

The only other crime for the month was a classic one – The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey. I really enjoyed this and I am sure that there will be some more Tey read. I need to see what else my mum has on her shelves as well.

I had another venture or should that be adventure back into my childhood with Enid Blyton again, this time The Five Find Outers. I was disappointed with this and it was not as I remembered it. Perhaps if I was sharing this story with a child I might have a differing view. There will be an Enid Blyton for April – Malory Towers. I have always loved ‘school’ books!

Guilt reading was in the company of Debbie Macomber and all the characters in Cedar Cove whilst I read book five of the series. There is something just easy about them to read that leaves you with that feeling of tranquility no matter what happens on the pages of the book. I do admit to skim reading just slightly with these books, but I try not to I promise!

Chic Lit was there as well in many different forms. Lesley Lokko was a new author to me, and despite the thickness of the book and the size of the type I throughly enjoyed Bitter Chocolate. It is a Chic Lit book with plenty of other undercurrent themes which are important. I am going to look out for some more of her work.

Pieces of My Heart brought me up to date with all of Sinead Moriarty’s work. I cannot wait for her next book. This book tackles the problems of an eating disorder and ironically had me laughing and crying in equal measures. I would not have knowingly picked up this book if I knew what the subject matter was going to be. It would be a good book for young teenage girls to read so they are aware of what goes on. I hope the book does lots for eating disorders and awareness.

I am unsure of where to pitch The Silver Lockett by Margaret James. Probably a saga, but set in the The Great War. I have called it that, because at the time they did not know that some years later another war would be start and The Great War thus became The First World War. Apologies my history degree coming through there.

There has been a bit of a spurt of productivity in the cross stitch department. Hooray! I have experimented a bit with some more recipes as well. This will continue into April, as I have a few lined up ready to try! Although cooking wise from March I am most proud of my Scotch Eggs!

What is lined up for April? Another Enid Blyton book as I have declared that above along with some more cake baking! But there are lighter longer days, more daffodils, holiday from work, a Royal Wedding (invitation lost in the post) and well plenty more reading!

I look forward to reading other bloggers March Roundup posts.