Kindle Kid Reads – Part Two – Results

If you follow my blog then you will know I had been sampling with my kindle! Sounds intriguing, but all it means I was getting a feel for some of the books which I have always wanted to read and also all the wonderful blogs I read has meant there are even more books to discover. The books below were the samples I had downloaded  on the last batch and now here are the results and my comments on whether I am hooked or not?

A Cotswold Killing – Rebecca Tope Cosy Mystery Series. Think I may have read it? Anyway always on the look out for some more murder and mystery in the cosy environment. RESULT It rings a few bells but would need to see more of the book to be sure. Perhaps a library book?

Murder in Steeple Martin – Lesley Cookman See comments for above! RESULT A rather a bizzare start which did not capture me immediately, however something sparked some interest so I would like to read more. Perhaps if I saw the book in a charity shop or library.

Sugar Island – Sanjida O’Connell Radio 2 Book Club Choice RESULT Sounds like a really intriguing book, certainly one to look out for. So it is on the list to be bought and read!

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict – Laurie Viera Rigler Been on a few blogs recently and sounded interesting. RESULT A delightful start and cannot wait to read more!

Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict – Laurie Viera Rigler Ditto RESULT Ditto!

Bleakly Hall – Elaine di Rollo Keeps coming up on Amazon and I liked the cover of the book. How shallow. RESULT Rather and intriguing start to a book  and we are launched straight into Bleakly Hall with Monty and Ada. One to buy when it is in paperback I think. I am going to look at other novels by this author in the meantime.

Invisible – Lorena McCourtney Another cosy mystery. RESULT A very American opening, good considering it is set in the US but this did not for some reason make me that keen on it. Although the start of the plot was interesting. Going to give these a miss at the moment, I know I have plenty of cosy mysteries to catch up on.

A Winter’s Tale, Wedding Tiers, Sowing Secrets- Trisha Ashley Probably do not need to read the first few pages of these books as I have loved the two Trisha Ashley books I have read in the last few weeks. RESULT Yes! Yes! Yes! I am getting these books and reading them!

Three Weddings and a Baby – Fiona Harper Cannot even remember why I added this?? RESULT Real chic-lit but would be good for a bit of escapism.

Gentleman’s Relish – Patrick Gale I am a fan of Gale books and this is his latest, it is somewhat shorter than his rest. RESULT Nothing to gain from the sample apart from what Fast Fiction is. Will look next time I am in a bookshop.

If I Die Before I Wake – Sherwood King Again nto sure why I downloaded this. Could be a surprise if not then I have not wasted any money. RESULTJust not for me. Perhaps at another time, but found the first few pages just did not read comfortably for me.

Faulks on Fiction – Sebastian Faulks Goes with the BBC series of the same name, though something makes me think that I need to be looking at the physical book to really decide. RESULTMy initial thoughts are corrcet, I think I need to see the physical book and probably not one to be bought having watched and enjoyed the programme which was very thought provoking.

Free Books

I have been reading Little Women on and off now since I got my kindle in January and I have yet to finish it, although I am over half way through. I am enjoying it but I am also finding it a struggle as well. I will finish it but I think the book has surprised me somewhat in places and it was not what I thought.

I have been downloading more and more (and more) samples on my kindle since I downloaded this last set above but I have decided not to continue with these posts of lists of them, because it would be quite long and boring! I have listed a number of them in the collection facility available on the kindle so when I decide to buy some more books, I will be able to pick and choose. I have bought a couple already and I will just annotate the fact that I read it on my kindle on my review, more for my own benefit than anyone elses. The cheaper ones I will download and read on my kindle, in these tough economic times I need to be a bit more prudent.