The Emperor’s Ball

It has been that time of year again at work where we have one of our three major functions on the year. The Summer Ball. The two others being Christmas and Trafalgar Night.

Now for the last couple I have posted pictures of the event, of the decorations, the table layouts and the like so you can get an idea of the sort of thing that I get up to in addition to my true role at work which is about money, finances, figures and admin.

I got to thinking, this is my 12th Summer Ball. Eek! Now The enthusiasm of many of those who opt to help out should always be praised and commended but when you get to your 12th and also be in the middle of redundancies, restructure etc it does wear slightly thin and you cannot always be as excited, the old adage. You have seen one you have seen them all springs to mind. So what I have I seen……

1. Golden Jubilee
2. Heaven and Hell
3. Indian
4. Around the World in 80 Days
5. Nursery Rhymes, Narnia, Gingerbread House
6. Black and White
7. A Night in Paris
8. Oscars
9. The Pharaoh’s ball
10.Alice in Wonderland
11.A Masked Ball

As you can see they have all blended a bit and I cannot remember some of their actual titles. This year is still fresh and it was…

12. The Emperor’s Ball

The Great Wall of China brought to Hampshire



And of course somewhere to sit,eat and drink and this year outside in the marquee although it rained on the night but cleared up for the fireworks.

And my input, well the table decorations and colour was a combined effort between my boss and I, although we left quite a lot to the last minute because of the afore-mentioned work issues. Oh and the seating plan. The picture shows a fraction of the area covered and the 75 tables and the 752 people sat around them and only me who had done the seating plan, where tables fit in relation to the set up of the marquee, then just juggling who sits where and who has to be near where, depending on rank, status and position but also who must not be sat anywhere near someone else. There is one couple who were moved rather a lot because no one wanted to sit with them. My phone was red-hot! If they only they knew who they were….. but as I have signed the Official Secrets Act……..


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