Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell – M.C. Beaton

When we last met Agatha she had finally snared her man and neighbour, James Lacey and is hoping that she is going to start something of a domestic quiet married life. And as a reader you sort of hope that for her too. But you know it is bound to be doomed.

Agatha has maintained her name, her home and her irritable habits. James is trying to change all of them. But it is simply not working and all Agatha wants is to be loved. Trouble is her jealousy and his causes them to distrust the most innocent of meetings. But are they innocent and when James disappears it looks like Agatha has got her revenge.

When the newcomer to the village, Melissa brags about her ‘time’ spent with James it seems that Agatha may have a rival and that might explain James disappearance but when she dies the truth is much harder to find.

Agatha, ably or irritatingly assisted by Charles Fraith, local tight-fisted landowner and sir to boot seems to flit in and out of Agatha’s life as if she is a toy to be played with. But he has his uses and between them and Bill Wong who is still yet to see how his parents affect any potential girlfriend, the truth is discovered but is James ever found?

These books are what they are, they fill a hungry hole in reading and should be used as pure escapism. It is interesting to see how the characters are developing and as the books go on we learn a lot  more about the background and start to see what really makes Agatha tick, but something makes me say she will never be happy.