The Rose Garden – Marita Conlon-McKenna

If you want to get a garden that you can be proud of you need to put in a lot of hard work.

If you want a garden to escape to then you need something to escape from.

Molly has that – she is recently widowed and is rattling around her large house Mossbawn House which is slowly starting to show wear and tear. The finances are not looking good and when she is now the sole owner and keeper of this place with no support from her husband her only way out of seems to sell and move on.

But molly cannot move on. Her daughters Grace and Emma are frightened that they will lose their childhood home which although they no longer live there on a permanent basis it ha become a place of refuge from their busy university lives and to know they can feel completely comfortable in. But they know Molly must do whats right.

So Mossbawn House starts to begin its new life and waiting to see who its new owners are going to be. Molly throws herself into saving the rose garden that has been used as a dumping ground whilst work on the main house has been completed over the years. There is also the gardeners cottage which needs some work and would not be so lonely to live in such as a big house.

But when she has a buyer, something is not right and Molly knows it is the wrong thing to do to sell, but there still seems to be no other answer.

Kim, Molly’s niece does what her own daughters do –  come to Mossbawn House to seek solace after a failed relationship and the loss of her job. She is looking for a new direction and so it seems is the use of Mossbawn House. It must be fate.

And so the fate of the house, the garden and the characters become intertwined like a rose trailing up a trellis waiting to grow leaves, buds and bed in.

I loved this book – I love the story, big house, village tales, struggling family, romance, cooking, family squabble and struggles. In fact simply real life.  My sort of book and if it is the sort of story you like then you will like this book too!

I have never read this author before, Irish – wonderful storytelling that took me away which was just what I needed at the time of reading.

Thank you to Transworld for sending me this novel for review. I will be looking out for more by this author.