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I have been to the……..Bookshop

Yes yes I know I don’t need any more books, I have too many but I just can’t resist and I do so love my local Waterstones, I am sure they love me when they see me coming in. The way I have been looking at it for the last few years is that I don’t have any other expensive vices; fast cars, drugs, drink, cigarettes, travelling first class, expensive holidays I am but a simple soul and content with book, cup of tea and piece of cake (less said about the cake at the mo!). So why should I not add more to my collection of books to give me a wider variety to choose from.

They all go off to different homes once read by me, various friends, friends of friends, neighbours, book club attendees, work colleagues and the charity shop so they have a good life once they have left me. Enough of the justifying – what did I get.


From the top down:

Penelope – Rebecca Harrington. Apologies but I cannot remember where I spotted this book, but it was on my list and the bookseller said it was good and reminded her of herself at 18. Recommendation I am sure.

The Sweetness of Forgetting – Kristin Harmel. I actually fell in love with the cover of this book. It looked whimsical to me. And it had a bakery as a setting so what is not to love!

The Disappearance of Emily Marr – Louise Candlish. Again another book which caught my eye by the cover, the blurb on the back and the first couple of pages.

The Vintage Teacup Club – Vanessa Greene. This has been on my radar for ages. When I saw how much Dot enjoyed it, I knew I had to catch up with reading it.

The Perfume Collector – Kathleen Tessaro. I have read one of this author’s books before – The Débutante. This sounded delightful and intriguing all at the same time. A dual narrative novel, set in Paris and New York.

The Summer House – Santa Montefiore. I am a fan of this author’s novels and this was really picked up because it was on the buy one get half price table and I needed another one to get the deal and I know I will enjoy what I read.

Touch not the Cat – Mary Stewart. I was a bit miffed when I went to my local library that they did not have any Mary Stewart. I wanted to read another one, ready for the Mary Stewart week . This was a bookseller recommendation for the summer in my shop so I was mighty grateful to spot it.

Grand Sophy – Georgette Heyer. Similar to the book above I was also miffed that there was no Georgette Heyer novels in the library either. I set myself the challenge of reading one at some point this year and thought that as it was way into August,  should really be doing something about it. So I have bought a book…….

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul – Deborah Rodriguez. Again this was a book that caught my eye from the cover of the novel. It is the story of a coffee shop in the heart of Afghanistan. This is a fictional début novel from the author.

Alex – Pierre Lemaitre. The reason for this book was that it was plastered all over the front of the store as the book to be reading this summer. It has also been summed up by Simon on his blogtoo! I suppose I was a sheep and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Vivien’s Heavenly Ice Cream Shop – Abby Clements. I read this author’s short story at Christmas, The Christmas Bake Off and whilst I did not think reading her Christmas novel Meet me under the Mistletoe was the right for the time of year I was delighted to see a much more suitable book for the summer! This book is not pictured, because I had already started it by the time I got round to the picture.

So there you go, I am hoping that some of these will feature on the blog soonest. Do let me know if you have read any of them and how you found them. And as for buying any more books well………..