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The Knitting and Stitching Show

Friday saw my annual trip to The Knitting and Stitching Show held at Alexandra Palace. A very long but satisfying day as the exhibition is full of all knitty, stitchy, beady, quilty and crafty things! Thank goodness for coach trips and not having to worry about facing London transport and the trek up and down the hill.

So after a very quick journey up (where was the traffic on the M25??) we were there just before 1200 and went in an attacked every stall! Plan is the same, go round the edge and then up and down all the rows. There was loads of stalls there, a lot more beading stalls than in previous years plus a lot of what I call ‘other’ stalls. Those stalls selling chocolate (messy business with wool and thread), handbags, shirts and scarves and of course the ‘wonder’ stall where a mop will just about clean everything in half the time with the half the effort?!!??? Weed all of these out and I will come to my favourite ones and where I made a couple of purchases. I did not spend the money I took with me and I certainly did not hit the plastic! All of which I am pleased about! Despite many offers there, some things are much cheaper online.

So first purchase was some wool to make a ruffle scarf. This wool was so popular at the show that many stall holders had sold out on the Thursday and there were a few disappointed people. Once knitted up, it has now been wound into a ball (thanks to my  mum) it will look something like this.

My other wool buy, was some more Aran for the blanket I am knitting which I showed progress picture of a few days ago. I had done my research for this one, and knew one of the stands there The Black Sheep would carry the wool so if I got nothing else my aim was to get this wool. This is the same brand of wool in Ivory Cream and will make the second strip of knitting – only once I have finished the first!

The other purchase was ribbon so I can make some more Christmas Decorations and perhaps in these economic times make them as gifts for presents as well.

These are from Springwood House Designs (the website is not fantastic but you get the idea) and last year I bought the kit for the Christmas Tree and the project book and have made many of the egg-shaped hanging decorations. Now the ribbon seems to be a special sort with wire in but not so stiff you cannot bend the ribbon and I have tried other sources for the ribbon and come up with some differing results but nothing beats the ribbon I originally got from Springwood. Hence why I have stocked up

Now I could have spent a lot more – I saw a couple (or more) of Little House Needlework Designs which I love and would like to stitch, but I was sensible and realised I have plenty at home that needs doing before I embark on buying anything else.

I have come away with some good ideas, but I need the time to do them all and try to fit going to work in as well! The first was decopatch. The website can be found here and goes into some detail about how to do it – but I have to say it appealed to me. Especially the letters, I have a thing about letters and words as decoration and have in the past decorated letters for friends for presents (I can see another Christmas Idea) but this was decorating anything and everything with these papers which are similar to tissue paper but made so that when you put the PVA glue on them, they do not disintegrate and the colour remains. At the show they were working on a giraffe and it looked just fab! Here is a picture of a cat  which I just love. The fact it is a cat but also the colours. A lot of these were done on paper mache boxes and letters (all available in Hobbycraft) and something which I have used in the past for many decorating and crafty things. This is just the next stage – I think it is going to be the letters for me but I am not sure what I am going to spell!

Apologies to anyone who has got bored by this point, I promise I will not go on much longer about all things crafty. My next big spend *could* have been at a lovely new company Blooming Felt they have some lovely bunting which seems to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment, I have to say I would not be averse to such a thing in my home. And I know exactly where I would like to hang it. (Another idea!) They had some Halloween bunting and whilst I may be late for this year there is always next! I think I am going to start with some simple triangular bunting and decorating before I progress to something like this. The website is so bright and colourful and it is nice to see a business that started as a hobby has progressed into something else. Sometimes you have to just have that drive and determination.

The other thing I saw was a peg loom which just looked so therapeutic – I do not know what I would do with the stuff I weaved but I would like to have a go, at the show they had torn up old shirts into strips and were weaving that onto looms. I would just be being creative and creating something different!

A long day and back on the coach at 1700 I was glad of sit down and where was all the traffic on the M25 on the way back? My only wish is that whoever was on my coach insisted that they knew exactly where we were on the road, and basically we had a running commentary of every car and bike that overtook, cut up, did not let us through for most of the journey. Everyone is suddenly an expert. However, when the said voice from somewhere in the middle of the coach (I was sat in the front seats of the coach) said we were on the M1! I wanted to scream – if we were on the M1 we would be going North and we live South! It is a simple journey, A3, M25, North Circular then oddly enough to some people’s surprise the reverse on the way home! M1 for goodness sake if you do not know where you are then just say nothing!

2 thoughts on “The Knitting and Stitching Show

  1. I know next to nothing about knitting, but I do know how to appreciate a finished product. That ruffled scarf is really lovely! Very classy.

  2. I love the scarf too. That looked like a good day out, apart from the coach nutcase.

    I’m envious now but I don’t know if I can manage through to Glasgow where there is usually a similar show. I’ll get around to it one year.

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