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Hiatus continues

I am here but I am not!

The laptop has a hard drive which rattles and the people in the know are trying to rescue the information off of it and get it put onto a new hard drive. So I am technically without a computer. Fingers crossed it is back with me this week.

I can check my emails at work and I posted my latest review that way as well. I highly recommend Dawn French’s debut novel. I am currently at my parents house where I can get on the computer and access my blog a lot easily than at work and with less distraction.

On the reading front – I have finished Juliet by Anne Fortier and have half written a review for this, but that is saved on the computer at work. I have also nearly finished Elizabeth Noble’s A Girl Next Door a fairly easy read. Having no computer has meant that I have probably read a bit more. No harm there then.

On the craft front – I have made two Christmas Decorations, and when I have the computer back I will endeavour to show you them. The knitting is coming along nicely, and I am now on the third strip of the blanket I am making.  The cross stitch has certainly taken a back seat, and currently seems to be just being moved around the living room. I will get the bug back I know but the knitting does not require a lot of concentration and is good when I am watching television; especially the wonderful Downton Abbey and the new Poirot. The only good or bad thing depending on your outlook is that with no internet I have not been able to look at new books and new craft stuff and obviously not able to order them either!

I do fill my days with work, chores and sleep and I make a point of not going about these as they are a part of life and sometimes we do not need reminding of them. Other time has been filled in on Sudoku – strange considering I work with numbers most of the day! I am hooked, but I am also very fussy – and will only buy a certain puzzle book brand (Take A Break) which do the ones I like – Killer Sudoku. I am fussy about the pages and the quality of them because I use a pencil to fill in the puzzles. Weird? Strange? I know but then that is one of my ‘things’.

You could say this is sort of an October round-up post – but I think I would like to mention more about the books I have read, so perhaps once back up and running I will be able to do this in a few days.

I wanted to include a picture of something at the top of my post to get noticed and also to break up the boredom of all the words! You might recognise HMS Victory – 2 reasons for this particular picture. 1. 21st October 2010 was the 205th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. 2. I went on a nighttime dockyard walk and to see the Victory in all its splendour lit up opposite one of the Royal Navy’s newest ships reminded me of a common ‘compare and contrast’. It makes you think.