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Booking Through Thursday

This weeks question: When you travel, how many books do you bring with you? Has this changed since the arrival of ebooks?

It depends on how long I am going for, but my recent 5 day break resulted in me taking 6 books, 5 I had not read and one I was in the middle of. I came back with 4 read, so that was not bad. A fortnight abroad, then I have been known to take about 10 and read 7. A friend of mine still says to me now and again – “7 Books!”. It really depends on how long I am going for and where? I always take more books than I would read, because I like to have the choice. Nothing has changed in terms of e books as I do not have an e reader and at the moment, cannot justify getting one when I know I love having an actual book in my hand!

Have a go at Booking Through Thursday yourself and let me know how you would answer the question!

4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday

  1. Wow, I definitely cannot read that many books during a vacation. I’m usually out and about and would be lucky if I went through 2. xD

    My BTT explains why I want an e-reader for travel, though. šŸ˜¦

  2. I took one book with me on my 3 day trip to London. I got through most of it at the hotel and on the train, but had to finish it off at home.

    I’d consider taking my Kindle, except the cover hasn’t arrived yet so it’s not going anywhere!

  3. When my daughter traveled to summer for the summer i loaded her up with paperbacks. I told her to read them and leave them behind. Since I get almost all my books from libraries I couldn’t do that but if I was lucky enough to travel in Europe for a summer I would consider getting an e-reader.

  4. The last time we went away I took a couple of reference books about the area we were going to, and I think a couple of paperbacks. We were only away for a few days though.

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