Booking Through Thursday

If you’re not enjoying a book, will you stop mid-way? Or do you push through to the end? What makes you decide to stop?

Short answer is yes, sometimes and all sorts of things!

Long answer is sometimes yes I do persevere because I feel cheated especially when I have bought the book and the first couple of pages I would have read in the bookshop seemed so promising. An example of this was The Keep by Jennifer Egan – I pushed through but really wish I hadn’t.

Then I did stop reading Burley Cross Post Box Theft by Nicola Barker. I tried and tried but it really did nothing for me and I had to admit defeat – I was not enjoying the book and reading to me should be pure enjoyment even if a little challenging not pure torture. Ironically I got lambasted for not completing it because it was given to me free and therefore someone suggested that I should have finished it and I did not know what I was missing, this made me even less likely to pick the book back up and try again.

Why stop, normally because the characters are weak and do not jump off the page into my imagination or the writing is just bad and makes no sense to the plotline. It can be anything and differs from book to book.

7 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday

  1. Since I chose the books I read, and buy them or borrow them from the library, I can chose to abandon a book that is not to my liking without feeling that I have to read this book no matter what.

  2. Yes, I hate to buy a book and then find I really don’t enjoy it. That’s one of the reasons I’ve started using our public library more often. That way, I only buy books I know I want to keep in my private library, and maybe read again someday. Saves me a lot of time and money, and prevents a great deal of frustration.

  3. Book quality is so subjective. I find it odd when someone gets annoyed with me for not liking a book she liked. It’s not personal!

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