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Lavender Bag

There is nothing better then lavender to brighten up the garden, the day and even send you to sleep at night. I love the colour and the smell. As you walk past and brush gently against it, an aroma takes over.

Now sadly this is not my lavender or my mum’s come to that, but she has many large bushes in the garden and the result of this is copious amounts of lavender. So what do you do with it, once it is dry?

You have to stitch a lavender bag to put some of it in –

This was one of my WIP, over a week or so here. So in my finishing everything I have started mode, I did just that and made up this bag which is now full of lavender. I think the picture makes it look bigger than it really is. It is glasses case size, and currently is on the bed, but perhaps it should be relegated to the underwear drawer considering the design!