Recent Book Haul

My policy on buying books runs something like this – I bulk buy, in other words spend hours in Waterstones and on Amazon getting a good haul normally around Easter, August and at Christmas. I will have made a list for what books I would like from the Birthday Fairy and Father Christmas (they are a month apart) as well. This then keeps me going for the year and gives me plenty of choice, as I find my taste can change from one week to the next. I still also poke about in Charity shops and the library when the mood takes me so I can see if anything in there grabs my attention.

This is a picture of my recent ‘August’ haul and probably the first part of the haul.

Actually the books on the left, are the August haul – the ones on the right are from my last haul and various charity shop visits from April onwards. So I have plenty to choose from! The ones you can see at the back have all been read and waiting for redistribution, apart from the proof books which I do not give away but cannot bear to throw away either.

I will just go over the ones on the left – 2 Sinead Moriarty Books – I made the mistake of reading A Perfect Match – so to make the story complete, I had to get see what happened before A Perfect Match and then afterwards. Sinead Moriarty is a good easy read, but really warm as well.

Jane Beaton – Rules. If you loved Malory Towers, St Clare’s, Amelia Jane even the scholastic element of Harry Potter then this is the author for you. Her first book Class was like an adult version of a good old fashioned boarding school story. Rules is the second book.

Nicola Upson – Two for Sorrow. I discovered Nicola Upson whilst reviewing one of her books for the Amazon Vine programme. Detective novels with the twist that the person helping the detective is real life crime writer Josephine Tey.

Sarah Blake – The Postmistress. This book just appealed to me, and I am looking forward to reading it.

James Anderson & Rhys Bowen – both books are detective novels. I have got into this genre far more over the past few years and found I like them.

Karen Wheeler – Tout Sweet. A change your life, move to another country book.

Not pictured is Tessa Hainsworth – Up with the Larks. I have already read and reviewed the book earlier on this blog.