The Impulse Purchase – Veronica Henry

If only life really as about following your dreams. For Cherry as she watches the great and good celebrate the retirement of her husband, photographer, turned university professor she witnesses something that rocks those dreams.

Returning to Rushbrook to finalise the selling of her late mother’s house – on impulse Cherry buys the local pub.

Cherry is not the only one following her dreams, her daughter Maggie is still grieving for husband and his death has left a huge hole in her life. With her experience in PR suddenly not required by her regular clients thanks to a better offer, on impulse Maggie throws everything and follows her mother to Rushbrook and wants to spend the time in the kitchen of this pub to realise her own dreams and go back to her roots.

Rose has lost her dreams, the death of her father, the loss of her grandmother and being a young mother is perhaps not the life she envisaged. She is struggling mentally, but wants to do right by everyone. When on impulse she does the wrong thing at a local drop in centre. She runs to Rushbrook to be with her mother and grandmother.

Three women at very different points in their lives, are all thrown together to get the village pub at Rushbrook back up and running. At the same time to get their own lives back up an running.

Told from all the points of view of the main female protagonists, this book is if anything a glorious celebration of women being able to achieve anything no matter what life decides to put in their way. A sense of determination exudes off the pages and I was swept a long with all of the characters both the main ones and the cast of supporters as well. I felt particularly for Chloe whose life was at the point of going down a very different path.

We are swept into the village, the descriptions of the rundown pub and its makeover, the garden, the surrounding areas. The descriptions of the food had my mouth-watering and I could hear the sound and the smell of the pigs as a local farmer who is living up to his own impulse purchases embraces village life and the new owners of the pub as well.

There was something about this book which moved me, reminded me how strong a single female can be and that determination and a bit of old fashioned hard work can get you anywhere and that whatever path you choose, its always the right one for you at that time. It may be that all impulses are for a reason.

And for that reason I implore you to make your own impulse purchase and buy this book – you will not be disappointed.

The Impulse Purchase is out now.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

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