The Blossom Tree of Dreams – Holly Martin

Wishing Wood seems almost Enid Blytonesque and that I am going to be transported to different lands through that magical tree and meet all sorts of different characters. Of course this books content is far from what happens in The Faraway Tree, but it had the magical quality about it of escapism to a different place, a different time and where there will always be a happy ending.

Indigo Bloom, had one magical night and now she is off to tell the owner of Wishing Wood, River Brookfield the news of that fateful night. What she doesn’t realise that she is going to land head long into his family and his life and it might not necessarily be what she or River wants.

There is also another problem – it appears that River, doesn’t remember her.

Hurt but in need of a job and somewhere to live, Indigo keeps her secret. However there is something magical about the place, the treehouses all tell a story and one in particular is exactly as she once described to River.

Add into the mix River’s daughter and a past hurt that has seem him completely abandon all hope of his own happy ending. With two brothers all with a family history of not perhaps the ideal upbringing who all cling to that idea of a happy family, a happy ever after can Indigo break through all the barriers and make River finally see what has been under his nose all along.

This is a wonderful, escapist novel and just what you would expect from the pen of Holly Martin. It was great to see the male character just as dominant as all the female ones, including River’s delightful daughter all playing an equal part in the story. There was something so inclusive, so well rounded and thought out with this book that it made my heart just sing.

Now whilst I wait for the next in her series I am off to investigate treehouses and wishing woods and my own happy ending.

Thank you to Holly Martin for an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review.

The Blossom Tree of Dreams is out now.