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Sunday Snippets and Stuff

It has been absolutely ages (July 2015)  since I posted about what I was doing as opposed to all the reading and reviewing that has been going on.

I have plenty I have wanted to share, but for one reason or another have not got round to sharing it. I want to say that will change, but I cannot promise. So I thought perhaps a little update would be good.

Watching – 2016 started off as a cracking year for drama on the telly box. I loved Silent Witness, Death in Paradise, War and Peace, Midsomer Murders, Vera. I was drawn right into Happy Valley and I am awaiting for The Night Manager to end, despite knowing what happens in the book. Grantchester is keeping me entertained and I do so enjoy this series of books if you have never got round to it. I am watching Dr Thorne and I have nothing to compare it to, as I have never read any Trollope but I am enjoying it all the same.

Reading  – slowly so it would seem to my Goodreads count. No doubt I will gain some momentum with bank holidays in the distance.

Knitting – Remember this


Well it has now turned into this (excuse poor quality photo)

IMG_0913 (1)
and even though in the photo, the ends are still hanging about I can assure you they have been sewn in and I am wearing it as I type.

It was my very first attempt at making something to wear. Most of my knitting, consists of scarves and toys, the odd pair of gloves and some socks.

Still Finishing – the socks, the cross stitch I had mentioned in November last year.  Though I did finish the Christmas Decoration I was making so 1 out of 3 is good – isn’t it?


Starting – After something big to knit, I needed something small to keep me occupied. You cannot get much smaller than a premature baby and so I am adding to the local maternity unit vast need for premature baby hats.

2 finished, 1 to make up and all 3 need buttons on.
2 finished, 1 to make up and all 3 need buttons on.

Eating – too much. The weight loss has gone, I now need to find the part of my brain that switches me off from comfort eating.

Solving  – The Mousetrap. I knew who the culprit was but it was the first time I had ever seen it on stage, more about that in another post. I promise, because I have written about it already!

Worrying – Trouble with having a pet, even if it is vicariously through your parents animal, is worrying when they are ill. Little Stanley has had Gastritis and was proper poorly, it is only in the last day or so he has perked up and his little personality is starting to shine once again.


So how are things with all of you?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets and Stuff

  1. I am also enjoying many of the TV adaptations you mentioned. I have finally started War and Peace, which I liked, and will get to Dr Thorne once I have finished re-reading the book. I am also enjoying Grantchester, although either my memory is failing me or they are starting to divert from the books quite a bit. Was the Margaret character even in the books? Did Hildegard not meet with focus group approval? Each book moves on almost a decade, I suspect TV may want to slow the march of time to hang on to a young James Norton?

  2. I watched some of those TV adaptations – War and Peace, I read the book so long ago that I didn’t remember much detail and so enjoyed it very much (nothing to compare, so it didn’t irritate me if it strayed from the book). As for Vera, sometimes it’s so different from the books that I wonder why they call it Vera – changing who did the murder for example, but I enjoy it anyway. I can’t say the same for Doctor Thorne as I read the book just a few weeks ago and think it’s so much better than the TV version, which because it’s only 3 episodes has reduced it far too much as well as making changes. I like Grantchester, but then I haven’t read any of the books! And I loved Happy Valley, even if I struggled to make out what they were saying.

    Your fair isle knitting is beautiful! And I’m sorry that Stanley has been ill – poor little thing.I hope he’s much better now.

  3. I’ve been enjoying much the same as you on TV although I didn’t watch Vera or Dr Thorne. I have read the book though. I love your cardigan, it’s a good while since I knitted anything like that.

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