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The Mousetrap – Agatha Christie

Ironically this is a post about a book/play that I actually haven’t read yet.

I know all about the play, I know all about the longest running play in history and yes I even know “whodunit”.

I had seen that the touring production of The Mousetrap was coming to one of my recently refurbished small local theatre. I paid little attention for the simple reason that my mum and dad had seen the London version and I knew “whodunit”.

However when asked on Friday why we weren’t going to see it? I cited my reasons as I have above. “So” was the reply, “we have seen Singin’ In The Rain countless times and we know what happens in that”. Not quite the same but I understood the logic.

So I checked the website, there were seats left and before 7am on Saturday morning I had booked 3 tickets for the same evening. The wonders of the internet I must say!

And so Saturday night last, that is where I was in a pretty much packed theatre watching one of the longest running plays. This was not an “am dram” production, this is fully licensed tour from the West End original.

So what of the plot, the story, the murder…..

The scene is set when a group of people gathered in a country house cut off by the snow discover, to their horror, that there is a murderer in their midst. Who can it be? One by one the suspicious characters reveal their sordid pasts until at the last, nerve-shredding moment the identity and the motive are finally revealed.

I loved it from the moment it started to the moment it ended. Yes it is very much a period piece but the setting was ideal, the scenery spot on and the dialogue some say rather clunky, but I say it is of it’s time.

And of course I stand by my promise I made at the end of the performance after this statement:

Now you have seen The Mousetrap you are our partners in crime, and we ask you to preserve the tradition by keeping the secret of whodunit locked in your hearts.

Have you seen it? Do you know the play?

There has never been an English film – there is a condition to the making of it – it can only be made 6 months after the West End stage version has finished……. it may be a long wait. …….


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