The GIN Sister’s Promise – Faith Hogan

The GIN sisters are Georgie, Iris and Nola. Their mother died relatively young and their father was lost in a pit of grief. But the sisters stuck together and vowed that they would do so forever. However life has a funny way of making other plans.

Years later, the sisters are not in contact, they do not speak. There only thread that is common is their father. When he dies, they find out what he had planned for them in his will. Before they can claim any inheritance they have to move back and live in the family home for six months – together.

For Georgie is strong willed and outspoken, her hard persona has stood her in good stead at work. But times are changing and when she gets overlooked for a promotion and there are rumours of her behaviour to other members of staff, perhaps a change of scenery is what she needs.

Iris, the only married one of the sisters who seemingly had it all until she discovers her husband is leaving, his mistress pregnant and perhaps his behaviour from years past picked up by the family was not a like at all. Iris finally needs to step out from the shadow.

Nola the baby sister, the one that needed looking after the most when their mother died. The one who has the most resentments it seem. But everyone knows Nola as she is the actor of that soap and the voice of a synonymous advertisement. Working in a café and leaving in a hovel, what has Nola got to lose?

As all three sisters return to their home, their father business, the village that they grew up in. Everything that they have tried to ignore over the years bubbles over and tempers are frayed. If they can get to the end of the six months they can all go their separate ways again and for the final time.

As time goes on, things change. Outlooks and perspectives shift in and out of focus and all three sisters find something being back in their home. Will it be enough to heal the wounds of long ago?

Being an only child, stories of sibling rivalry and conflict I find intriguing because I had none of that growing up and still don’t. The way it all plays out is handled well and the story kept me interested as it showed the highs and lows of family life, no matter how old you are.

Add into that the setting if Ireland and the wilds of the landscape and weather, village life and then a gin distillery what more could you possibly want from a book!

This book is perfect for fans of family sagas and like their female characters strong, dynamic and not afraid to change.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The GIN Sisters” Promise is available now.

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