Foxglove Farm – Christie Barlow

Six months ago, I discovered Love Heart Lane in the village of Heartcross, a lovely Scottish village which had been at the centre of Christie Barlow’s first novel in what is turning out to be a series. Back with familiar faces and the spectacular scenery of the highlands meant I knew was going to be in for a treat.

I first got to know Isla in the last book and we were all there when cut off from the mainland due to the weather, Isla gives birth with her husband by her side.

However it has not been plain sailing, for Isla since we last met. She feels lonely, her husband Drew is working all the hours on their farm and he seems to be sniping at every opportunity. The strong bond they had seems to be weakening and Isla cannot understand why and Drew will not talk to her.

When the unpredictable weather strikes again at Foxglove Farm all of Isla and Drew’s problems are suddenly in the foremost of the whole communities mind. Like every good community they all pull together and help, with the milking, the lambing and bringing the dreams of Isla to fruition as well as getting Drew, literally back on his feet.

Throw into the mix some alpacas, handsome strangers, criminals and a few old campervans and all of a sudden you have a story that you have to stay with come what may. There are some funny moments that made me chuckle and some beautiful heart rendering ones which made my heart break and sing in equal measure.

Such is the quality of the plotting and the writing that you can be swept away to this little village in the highlands and know that you could fit right in.

Not afraid to tackle some real issues and also to move away from a new romance, a common feature in women’s fiction, the author focuses very much on the romance that is in all good relationships and this book is for anyone who wants to perhaps some more substantial than light and fluffy.

I am excited to learn that there will be another trip back to Heartcross but I am also jealous of anyone who has yet to read this book and the first, you have such a treat awaiting you.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Foxglove Farm is out now. 

Find out where it all started at Love Heart Lane. 


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