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I have been to the……..

Do you remember after those long school holidays – one of the first things upon returning to school was having to write about what you had done in the holiday.

Something stuck in my mind about this when I returned to work after my summer break and someone asked what had I got up to….

Well I have been to the Garage – it was MOT and service time = £s.

I have been to the Optician. It was well over 4 years since my last check up and I knew that everything was not as clear as it could have been so it was probably time for another visit. Yes there was a change and new lenses in new frames means everything is a bit clearer. Apparently my right eye was working hard to catch up with the left eye in balancing my vision. Or some such. Two frames later, one with reactive lenses to save chopping and changing sun glasses and some rather blingy type and I am good to go. But just like the garage it was a bit = £s

I have been to the dentist. Not a plesant experience but neither is losing part of ones tooth the day before you go away. I have to confess, it did not hurt at all but left a rather rough edge to my filling. But it came away at 1200 and by 1430 I was in the chair having it temporary filled. In between I successfully ate some delicious fish and chips so it wasn’t that bad. I have since been back to get it correctly filled. And the irony was it was not the tooth that I had been scheduled to have filled in a couple of weeks time.

Of course no break would be without me having been to the bookshop. A whole post was devoted to that = £s. I even managed to make it to the Library too!

Armed with books (not that I needed any) I have also been to the spa. Five days escaping from the outside world, where I can get up when I want, sleep when I want, have tea and cake, have someone cook my dinner, no washing up and treatments to soothe and relax. Some very knotty shoulders were unknotted and I felt quite content. But you always have to come home…….

And so here we are… I have had my slippers out already as the temperature has dropped. I have drunk some hot chocolate to warm the bones (I am not convinced about this Indian Summer). I am back on the diet to lose those holiday pounds, back doing my swimming and getting some good times, although having to build back up to it is a bit of a faff. And of course the ‘C’ word is suddenly everywhere. Catalogues have arrived at work (first day back actually!) and the tins of sweets are in the supermarket ready for purchase. And of course I have got to organise the works do.

Then of course you know we are on that spiral down to ‘C’ as The Great British Bake Off is back; Downton Abbey is on its way and of course we are glittered up with Strictly. Here is to the next few months.

The reading has taken a slow start to September as it inevitably does when I go back to work, but no matter as I have plenty of reviews to be catching up with and blogs to be reading.

What have you all been up to?

6 thoughts on “I have been to the……..

  1. I can sympathise with having to go to the garage and dentist, as I’ve been to both recently too. Five days at a spa sounds lovely, though! I’m trying not to think about the C word yet but I suppose it will be hard to avoid it soon.

  2. You have been a busy bee! The spa sounds wonderful. I recently had my MOT, insurance, and break down cover to get all in one month! Oh well at least it’s over for another year now 🙂

  3. I’m loving The Great British Bake Off this year, I’ve even converted my husband to it now …. 🙂
    And I’m guilty of making my pupils write about their holidays during their first week back – it makes a handy initial writing assessment!

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