Agatha Raisin and the Busy Body – M.C.Beaton

What can one say about Agatha Raisin? She continues to try and avoid village life and the murders that occur on a frequent basis, but something draws her right into the melee of it all. And in her 21st adventure she is still as rude and cheerless as ever and I just love her! 

The dislike for the local Health and Safety officer, Mr John Sunday by the villagers has led to Christmas being ruined for many, as the tree cannot festoon the top of the church tower. Whilst discussing the way forward at a local meeting, a scream is heard and it appears that Mr Sunday has ruined, another event – by being murdered.

Agatha a reluctant attendee at the meeting suddenly wants to become involved in the catching the perpetrator but with a man so hated where do you start looking. Something as trivial as that will not bother Agatha. When the prime suspect enlists Agatha’s help in solving the crime, the story picks up pace, and twists along the Cotswold lanes until the perpetrator is discovered.

Well known characters form the series make appearances in this book, and as always picking it up is like revisiting a long lost friend. Long may they continue.

Thank you to newbooks magazine for allowing me the opportunity to read this as part of ‘A Life’s Work’. I could not miss the opportunity to read a M.C.Beaton and kindly they sent me one I had not got. 

So despite reading this wildly out of order of the rest of them – this is the twenty first book, I have only read up to book six, I was more than happy to read it. All it has done is make me want to catch up on what I have not read as I can see so much has happened that I did not know about. I had to try and accept it as a given in ‘The Busy Body’ rather than having that insider knowledge. 

They are great books to read for escapism and I finished this over the bank holiday weekend with no trouble at all. It also counts towards my 2012 challenges as well. Back to reading them in order now though! 

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