The Long Weekend – Veronica Henry

Can I interest you in a short little break, a long weekend if you will?

You will not need your passport, you only need to get to Cornwall or thereabouts. The hotel I have chosen is a unique boutique style, with glorious views, hand picked and stylish decor and with food to make your mouth water.

Still not quite sure?

Well what about the two people who run it, surely you will be interested to know about them. Claire and Luca are their names and they live and breathe The Townhouse by the Sea. Luca is an amazing who uses local produce and everyone around seems to flock in to sample his food. Down to the shortbread provided in your room. He is an attraction to the hotel in more ways that one, there is something charismatic that draws you in – the eternal bad boy every girl wants to tame?

Claire seems to have managed it, she is the calm to his storm. Everything runs perfectly with Claire in charge, she knows what she wants from everyone and expects them all to deliver. Trouble is Claire is not sure if Luca is what she wants? Then a face from the past turns up and perhaps Claire has been hiding away these last few years?

Now if that does not tempt you what else will? If you like people watching, then you are coming to the right hotel.

There is the young couple, so obviously in love that they are trying to find the missing piece of the girls past to ensure that the future is successful. The older couple who seem to be escaping from something, but the wife seems constantly on edge? Why? Then there is the family unit, mother, father and daughter, but actually something seems wrong with the set up, the father seems to be making up for something, but what? Then the stag group, a first for the hotel, but don’t let that put you off. They all seemed interested in having a good time, sampling the food and drink, and everything the sea has to offer. But the stag seems distracted? He is about to make the biggest commitment of his life, he may be getting cold feet

Tempted to go for a visit? I thought you might be.

Veronica Henry’s new novel, brings together the wonderful setting of a hotel, and all the residents and weaves a story that had me hooked from the first moment I started reading. You get to know the characters, you care about them as I did with Claire and Nick. You despise them as I did with Karen and Luca. You want to make sure that the right overcomes wrong in the case of Chelsee and the future is as sunny as it is at The Townhouse. Somehow with ease, the background of the character was slotted into the novel, without any obvious jarring of the story line. It fitted beautifully. This book is pure escapism, you have got everything you need to transport you away, the scenery and the weather, the laughter and the tears without even having to get your suitcase out! And after you have finished the book,  you wonder just what did happen to all those people whose stories and lives you had suddenly viewed once they left The Townhouse by the Sea, and another long weekend was over…..until the next one.

I loved this book, it was the sunshine needed in a very wet dreary summer (so far). I love Veronica Henry’s writing, and this is one of her best. Something just drew me in and I was hooked, which is why I put off some housework just to finish the book. Even the cover of the book, had me dreaming of short breaks away, or even walks by my own seaside. 

I was never quite sure as each chapter finished and the next one started quite where it was going to take me. I believed in so many of the characters, especially their pasts which explained so much about them. I started to panic that perhaps everything would not work out. I wanted Claire to have the future she deserved. I wanted, Monique to get her happy ending.I wanted Angelica to find the right path for herself and make sure her brother got the future he needed away from their mother. Even the minor characters in this book got under your skin, a sign of a good book. I would love to learn more about these characters, so if you want to write a sequel, Veronica…….

You can find more about Veronica Henry here and also follow her on twitter if you are that way inclined @veronica_henry. 

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Booking Through Thursday

It has been a while, so I thought I would pop across and see what this week’s question is

Have you ever finished a book and loved it so much you went right back and started re-reading it again?

(And obviously, if so, we want titles!)

I think I can say hand on heart, that I have never done this. I would move onto the next book in a series, but never go back and start and read the book again even if I loved it that much! They do say if you go back and read an Agatha Christie straight after finishing it you can see all the clues and red herrings that you may well have missed, but I am not sure if that works. 

Although I am not averse to rereading books I would leave a suitable gap between doing so (in some cases, years!)

If you fancy having a go then visit the site and don’t forget to leave a link for others to go and read.

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Booking Through Thursday

It has been a while since I partook in this particular meme, so I thought would pop over and see what was happening.

This weeks question:

Do you ever feel like you’re in a reading rut? That you don’t read enough variety? That you need to branch out, spread your literary wings and explore other genres, flavors, styles?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Funnily enough I felt I was in a self inflicted rut because of too much choice recently. In terms of not reading enough variety, I have certainly felt like that, I went through a stage in my late teens early twenties of reading ‘aga sagas’ by the bucket load and would consume them, despite the fact that some blended into others and I was not sure really where I was.

After a break from reading after being at university, I discovered it again after about 9 months and was reading quite a lot of chic lit! Then all of a sudden, my tastes suddenly changed to eclectic and variety was the name of the game. A lot more crime novels than I have ever read before, I still like chick lit and aga sagas, but they are spattered few and far between amongst my reading nowadays. Sharing a love of books and reading with my mum and her collection of Agatha Christie’s and her love for du Maurier plus us both having a kindle has taken variety to another level! That what would probably be her answer to the question. Further variety is gathered from having a book blog and following others, so yet again I am reading books I know I would certainly have simply ignored in the past.

The only thing I really do need to spread my wings and branch out to is more classical books, I have tried many years ago to tackle some, but perhaps I was not in the right place to be reading them, now might be another time to try. I talk the talk but will I read the book……

Fancy taking part? Pop over to Booking Through Thursday, and leave a comment and link to your post and let us know whether you are stuck in a genre rut!

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Booking Through Thursday

Who would you rather borrow from? Your library? Or a Friend?

And, DO you return books you borrow?

I would love to borrow books from friends, but I have very few who actually read like me! I do borrow and swap books with my mum all the time. I would also like to utilise my local library far more, but sadly it is rather lacking in choice of books and our main Central Library is closed due to vandalism and also has shorter hours when it is open due to cuts!

I always return books. Funnily enough I am not keen on lending them though.

Come and join in the fun at Booking Through Thursday a weekly meme about (mostly) books and reading.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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Booking Through Thursday

This weeks question: When you travel, how many books do you bring with you? Has this changed since the arrival of ebooks?

It depends on how long I am going for, but my recent 5 day break resulted in me taking 6 books, 5 I had not read and one I was in the middle of. I came back with 4 read, so that was not bad. A fortnight abroad, then I have been known to take about 10 and read 7. A friend of mine still says to me now and again – “7 Books!”. It really depends on how long I am going for and where? I always take more books than I would read, because I like to have the choice. Nothing has changed in terms of e books as I do not have an e reader and at the moment, cannot justify getting one when I know I love having an actual book in my hand!

Have a go at Booking Through Thursday yourself and let me know how you would answer the question!

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Booking Through Thursday

If you read series, do you ever find a series “jumping the shark?” How do you feel about that?

And, do you keep reading anyway?

Now I have never thought of applying the ‘jumping the shark’ to books – I have always referred to television programmes with this term. I could probably list a great many that should have quite frankly stopped on a high!

However this is about books and I have only one that springs to mind and that is Rebecca Shaw’s – Village Series based in Turnham Malpas. There has been numerous books – 14 currently, 15th out next year. They are essentially good books, but have found the recent ones have been rather weak and turned into a mere factory output to satisfy a brand name. The first 6 probably were the strongest. It is a while since I have read any, and perhaps I might be mightily surprised if I pick one back up again…but then there is that fear of being disappointed.

A good question – why not have your say at Booking Through Thursday.

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Booking Through Thursday

Yep it is Thursday again! So here is this weeks question:

What are you reading right now? What made you choose it? Are you enjoying it? Would you recommend it? (And, by all means, discuss everything, if you’re reading more than one thing!)

What are you reading right now? Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

What made you choose it? I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and someone I knew recommended it because I am going through a big change in my life at the moment and also I want to see the film and compare it to the book!

Are you enjoying it? Jury is still out on this one, some days yes others no. But there are definitely elements of the book which I can relate to or apply to my own life.

Would you recommend it? Mmmm again jury is still out on that one – at the moment, I think the hype has taken over the actual book. I would recommend it probably for someone, who wants to experience something different – not because this is a must read book which will change your life as it did the authors.

Why not join in Booking Through Thursday yourself here. I look forward to see what everyone else is reading.