Found in a Bookshop – Stephanie Butland

This is the first book that I have read which has featured the recent COVID pandemic in the forefront of the plot. It is also the second book which features the bookshop Lost for Words, which I had not read. However, there is enough references to understand the main characters in this novel and what had happened previously.

Loveday Carew, owner of the bookshop is joined by manager Kelly and then stroppy teenager later on in the novel, Maddison.

The bookshop is closed, the pandemic starting to bite businesses as well as people. One day the shop receives a letter from a retired headteacher – could they send her some wonderful books using the money enclosed to get them through the next few months. This lady Rosemary and her husband George are retired, reclusive now due to the circumstances of the world and reading to each other in their garden is a joy.

An idea forms – what if the ship could offer other people books to get them through this time.

A simple advertisement, starts a flurry of letters, emails and phone calls and this book provides a small insight into some of those requests. Differing scenes on how the pandemic and actual life is affecting a wide range of people. All looking for solace through a book. Ironically something I do every day and was doing by reading this one. Sometimes we see the person request the book again, we get to learn what happened in the next chapter, sometimes we don’t. However, the story thread of Rosemary and George as well as Loveday, Kelly and Maddison is weaved through the book as the main story arc.

The book touched my heart, but it was a difficult read as the pandemic and lockdowns seem so recent and perhaps it provoked some panicky memories of which I didn’t realise I had until I read this book. However, it was a joy to read and I love the idea of a book pharmacy and even reading this book will give you lots more to add your “to read lists”.

Perfect for fans of bookshops featured in books.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Found in a Bookshop is out now.