Where We Belong – Sarah Bennett

Welcome to the new Sarah Bennett, welcome to the new series, welcome to Juniper Meadows.

Into the Cotswolds we go, a family estate, diversified into a Spa and Hotel, A gin Distillery, campsite, farm and most importantly the owners – the Travers family.

Here the story is predominantly led by Hope Travers, desperate to breakaway from the family home, a sprawling farmhouse where she lives with her mother, uncles, aunt and cousin. To build her own haven on this sprawling landscape, however it seems that history is going to stop it all in it’s tracks.

When work begins on building this dream property, they uncover historic ruins of the past. Enter Cam, Barnie and a team of archaeologists who are gong to get to the bottom of whatever is hiding under Juniper Meadows.

Digging into the past, seems to also bring up some past mysteries about the Travers family as well as Hope’s own father who she has never known, not even his name. Tensions are running high but when some strange occurrences start around the estate, including break ins and damage it seems that all has to be put to one side while they deal with the threat to their livelihood and everything they care about.

This is a multi layered book, with lots of characters to get to know and sub-plots which are just as important as the main arc of the novel. Full of family dynamics and friendship tests as well as broaching tough topics with alcoholism, class difference, overbearing fathers or non existent ones. So much is contained within the pages. With skill, Sarah Bennett has drawn me into a wonderful place full of rich and interesting people and I cannot wait to find out more about them, their secrets and their dreams.

Now I am off to book into the Spa and have a tour round the gin distillery whilst I wait for the next book.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Where We Belong is out now.

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