The Sister Returns – Joanna Rees

In the final book of this excellent jam packed trilogy, we have crossed an ocean to New York. Vita and her baby Bertie have followed Nancy to America. Still always in Nancy’s shadow but living a very different life it seems that 1929 will be the year for them.

That is until the Wall Street Crash, action then moves to Los Angeles where Nancy is convinced she will be come a Hollywood starlet, and yet Vita is always in the background. However she is still noticed and her seamstress abilities are soon seen to be the best and she gets to work with beautiful gowns for beautiful people in a beautiful place.

However, Vita’s past is never far away and it seems that her brother Clement and his evil wife Edith are always just behind her. Clement’s adventures take him to America and mixing with the wrong sort of people but with one aim in mind, to deal the final blow to his sister.

Vita then finds herself face to face with another person from her past, another man she has been trying to forget but just can’t. The time is up for Vita and she must return home and face the shadow of Anna Darton but is home ready for this?

This series of books have been a joy to read and if you can indulge in all three in one go, you will be taken across continents, cities, eras and moments in time and have a real depth of feeling for the characters. Even if that depth of feeling is not a nice one!

For fans of historical fiction, the concept of Bright Young Things that has dominated 1920s history as well as the pressures of families, individuality and money. It has it all and is woven so tightly you are swept along with the story.