A Winter Wedding at Bletchley Park – Molly Green

Rosie thought her life was complete, but when she is jilted on her wedding day and then has a child it seems her life is over. However Rosie knows there is more to life, than drudging in the local factory and when conscription is about to come in for young unattached women, she knows she needs to do her bit. She chose the Navy.

However, it seems her past is not easily forgotten and then Navy doesn’t choose her. But how did they find out about her past? However she has some language skills useful to some elements of the war and this is how she finds herself at Bletchley Park. Rubbing salt into the wound, she has to share with WRNS but as a civilian and feels desperately isolated.

When her skills are drawn into question, she is moved to another hut where she starts to make friends and the work seems more manageable. But her skills are good and they are noticed. But the person that notices them is someone she was least expecting to see. Could her past catch up with her again and ruin this job?

This is the second in Molly Green’s series, I look forward to there being more. I am as intrigued about Bletchley Park as I have always been and the research into this is clear. The characters are all well rounded and fascinating as much as they are annoying. It deals with the conflicts of not just war, but conflicts in workplaces, families and relationships. The drama is engaging and the plot held my attention that I simply had to fly through the book. Bereft when it ended as I felt I had been on a journey and learnt another little piece of history that happened at the park.

A must for all fans of sagas and historical fiction, especially the other parts of World Ward Two that are sometimes glossed over.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

A Winter Wedding at Bletchley Park or Winter a Bletchley Park is out now.