November Roundup

November is a funny month – neither one thing of the other I suppose. The weather in the UK has been positively balmy but it ends with the aim that we are going into winter and now is the time to hunker down.

Never has a month felt more like that than the one just gone. Stress levels are reaching peak burnout and I only have a few more days of work before the enforced break and I am jolly glad of it. Maybe I might be able to concentrate on reading. I did read in November and some great books, but my brain might have reached full capacity and as the month ended I couldn’t stick at one book.

But the books I did stick at are as follows and whilst festive some of them were not full on Christmas mode! Molly Green – A Winter Wedding at Bletchley Park, the next in this series concentrates more on the fact that war is progressing and the work being done at the park is vital. You cannot afford to have added distractions of the past looming up in front of you.

Sticking with the World War Two theme was Lesley Eames – The Wartime Bookshop, a lovely saga type piece of fiction which allowed you escape into the buttoned up society of a wartime village. Told from the point of view of three very different women in the village, we get to see what war can do to those left behind.

Coming back from war, this time the First World War is the opening interest of the debut novel; Michael Ball – The Empire. A booked that has so much packed into it, it could have filled two books. This would transfer so beautifully to the screen, but for now it was all played out in my imagination from the rich descriptions that Ball gave us, even if there were a lot of characters to find out about!

I don’t read many actual physical books, the kindle being the main place in part due to all the netgalley books but I was determined to pick one book of the shelf this month and that was Stacey Halls – The Foundling which was heart wrenching and a fascinating piece of historical fiction.

With a rare day off, I found myself in my local Waterstones, (I need to visit a much bigger one soon) and spent some vouchers I had received on Adam Kay – Undoctored. Whilst funny in parts, it is very graphic and perhaps not for the squeamish and certainly shows the failings in our health system. Other books were bought and I will get to them soon.

Still with a festive theme as well as a murderous one is S.J. Bennett – Murder Most Royal we are back with the detecting Queen. It’s Christmas they are all gathered at Sandringham and there is a hand washed up on a beach near the estate. This book is such a silly bit of joyous fun and perfect for any royal or cosy mystery fan.

In change from what I was expecting from this author I picked up Emma Burstall – The House on Rockaway Beach we are taken to America where two warring sisters, are packing up their deceased grandmothers house. It did not have that overtly American tone about it that some American authors have when they write similar stories which is why I think I enjoyed it.

So that was November, it is looking highly likely that I will not reach the target of 100 books, but let us see how far I can get.

How was your November?

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