A Christmas Celebration – Heidi Swain

For this Christmas, I am back at Wynthorpe Hall. Famed for it’s Winter Wonderland and all things Christmas, I am invited back into the Hall by Catherine and Angus.

Noted for all the waifs and strays they pick up along the way, this book is no exception. This time it is Paige, Catherine and Angus’ goddaughter who seeks solace for a few weeks, after returning from humanitarian work abroad. She remembers the place from her childhood and it seems like the perfect place to stay to recover and heal from what she has seen. Paige needs to find a new work passion but needs time to regroup first.

However Paige finds herself drawn into the comings and goings of the hall as well as the village. Helping people is what Paige is good at. Getting lost one night and needing directions back to the hall, she stumbles across what looks like a derelict cottage. but it is occupied.

Albert is the elderly resident and he is less than welcoming to Paige when they first meet. However, Paige is not to be put off by someone so curmudgeonly and clearly in need of some magic in his life.

The trouble is Paige also keeps coming across another curmudgeonly character, Brodie. Their paths keep crossing and when Brodie appears to be assisting her godfather in something secret, Paige is keen to find out the truth to make sure nothing is going to ruin this Christmas.

If Paige can help all these people she keeps coming across, will it eventually heal her from the wounds that she has brought back with her? Is a full on Christmas the best way to go about it? As the family start to drift back to Wynthorpe Hall and the Winter Wonderland kicks in for the locals, has Paige found her new role a lot closer home than she thought?

As always, fans of Heidi Swain like myself will be thrilled to return to a place you are familiar with. Plenty of characters from previous novels make cameo appearances rightly and give you a hint of their stories if you have never read them. If you have it is great to see everyone living their lives long after you have read those books. That is what keeps me coming back to this author time and time again.

If you want a full on Christmas without all the stress and hassle then reading a Heidi Swain Christmas novel is the best way to go about it. Pure festive fun.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

A Christmas Celebration is out now.