A Wrens’ Wartime Christmas – Vicki Beeby

I wanted to find another saga or series to follow and this one currently fits the bill. Back with book two and the WREN signallers, Mary, Sally and Iris who feature in the first book are back in Orkney. They are joined by more trained Wren’s and so they have a bit more time to be able to relax and enjoy Christmas this year after the eventful one of the previous year.

This time Mary is taking centre stage, very much still grieving for Owen the boyfriend she lost when the Royal Oak was lost of Scapa Flow, not far from where she is now based. She is strong willed and almost unapproachable with a tough exterior but it seems that Joe is starting to chip away at this and something begins to develop,.

However there is still some unfinished business on the island and a name from the past still seems to be hanging around. Why are they not doing their bit for the war effort? Or are they doing it for the wrong side? When German vessels seem to breaking through the defences, suspicions tarts to fall in some unlikely places. It seems that these wrens have some work to do before they can relax into Christmas.

It was lovely to be back in Orkney and be part of their Christmas. As the three most unlikely women form this friendship it is great to see how all their characters develop. It is is also refreshing to move a World War Two saga away from being London centric and to see that many other places in the UK had their own battle during this difficult time. This series has the potential for a few more books I am sure and I definitely want to be there for everyone of them.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

A Wren’s Wartime Christmas is out now.