Happy Endings at Mermaids Point – Sarah Bennett

Right back at the beginning of this series, we were introduced to Aurora Storm, the impact she had on Mermaid’s Point has almost rumbled on through all the subsequent books, she was the enigma that caused one of the Point’s residents, Nick to give his heart away and he has never been right since. As he has witnessed his sister Laurie find what she has always been looking for (Summer Kisses at Mermaid Point), his aunt Nerissa who never thought she would recover from her lost love (Autumn Dreams at Mermaids Point) and even Ivy the girl everyone thought he would end up with (Love Blooms at Mermaids Point), he is convinved he will find love one day.

That is until a storm blows back into Mermaids Point. That storm is Aurora, after being caught up sadly by a media storm, caused by the manipulation of many in America, Aurora needs a reason to distract everyone and probably herself from what has happened – enter Nick.

Nick has to play the dutiful boyfriend and has to convince the outside world that there relationship is true. All the while convincing himself and his family that he is okay and that he will recover from having his heart broken. He is strong enough to cope.

But is Aurora, strong enough to suddenly be thrust into Mermaids Point, into the family life of The Morgan’s and the full-on run up to Christmas. Perhaps being a popstar is not what she really wants?

As always, Sarah Bennett has a canny way of introducing current issues to her novels without them sounding contrived, this was important in the way that Social Media used and spat out Aurora as it does seem to with many well known and less well known people. To see the rawness of how this affected the character, made me really think about how we treat people who expose themselves in this way. Of course Aurora had the support and love of the wonderful community of Mermaids Point to help her heal and they do it so effectively and cleverly you cannot see it happening.

With a great big dollop of Christmas and Festive cheer, the perfect ending to this series of books and the happy ending we all wanted. It felt right to leave the characters to their lives, something which doesn’t always happen at the end of series of books, you always feel there is something else to be told.

Another classic from Sarah Bennett and I look forward to where she is going to take me next.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

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