A Home at Cornflower Cottage – Tilly Tennant

Cornflower Cottage is the only home that Amelie knows and since the death of both her parents it is the shield to which she protects herself from everyone. Trouble is the cottage itself needs protecting.

With a cottage quite large for one person and needed repairs on temperamental boilers and missing roof tiles, Amelie is not quite sure if she has the wherewithal to cope with such upheaval.

Meeting Xander at the local hotel where she cleans, who is looking for some more long term accommodation she offers to rent out her spare room, in the hope that the extra cash will be just what is needed. However, Amelie didn’t also bank on a high maintenance girlfriend as well.

As this interesting set up starts to establish, Amelie is also having to deal with her current boyfriend who seems to have a few issues of his own. If there was a character to dislike from the beginning this was him, he just made poor Amelie even more downtrodden than she perhaps really was. Quite what will happen between them all could be anyone’s guess but it was rather obviously inevitable.

I found the book rather pedestrian, and the spark between the main characters wasn’t there for me, the only saving grace to the book was the descriptions of the woodland and riverbank where the cottage was set.

A book that passed the time, but didn’t hit the spot.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

A Home at Cornflower Cottage is out now.

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