The Little House by the Sea – Tracy Rees

Kitty is saving as hard as she can to get that idyllic place in the country, with roses round the door and chickens pecking in the yard. A far contrast from the poky flat she lives in, in London with her boyfriend Mitch. Her days are filled at estate agent windows. Dreaming.

Then the dream comes crashing to an end, and Kitty finds herself jobless, homeless and boyfriend-less. On a whim of memories of a childhood holiday and a clairvoyant’s prediction, Kitty takes herself off to Pennystrand a seaside village in Wales.

Pennystrand is the place to heal, the endless blue sky, the golden beaches as spring turns to summer. Even the long arduous trips up the hill to her temporary home prove to be the salve needed. There are a few things missing though and Kitty is not sure she will ever find them.

But when a chance meeting with a tree branch, a part time job in an estate agent and a surfer dude it seems that for Kitty has come home at last. There is something familiar about Kitty, and not everyone can place it, but the well known local family the Parnells can and it seems that Kitty may have come home after all.

This wonderful new contemporary novel from Tracy Rees has as much sunshine and sea as it does mystery and intrigue. I really wasn’t sure where the plot was going to take me apart from on a wonderful journey with Kitty. I fell in love with the Kitty, Pennystrand and even a little bit with Roly too!

This is a book full of love and it did not go down the obvious route of boy meets girl, fall out, get back together and live happily ever after. For me this makes the book stand out amongst a number I read. Sometimes you have to be reminded that life is not that neat and perfect.

This book was full of finding yourself, meeting new people, expanding your horizons and comforting in making some of your dreams come true.

Without a doubt Tracy Rees has done it again for me and I cannot wait to return to Pennystrand.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Little House by the Sea is published today!