A Crafty Six in Six

It suddenly occurred to me that as well as reading quite a bit in the last six months, I had made quite a few things too. So I thought I would be a bit crafty (see what I did there) and add in a little special Six in Six made up of all things crafty, in this case – crochet and crochet with TOFT wool and patterns. Now I have made more than six items, but I have picked six which are all vastly different, but show the way my brain flits from one thing to another as the whim takes me but also the extensive collection of work that is available to choose from TOFT.

Terence the Budgie – renamed Bobby as my Great Uncle always had a budgie and it was always called Bobby.
Dodd the Great Grey Owl.
Queen Elizabeth II – on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee
Hilda the Jersey Cow
Amore the Rose (Monster)
Turkish Delight & Marzipan Mini Monsters