Small Miracles – Anne Booth

Fairbridge, The Sisters of Saint Philomena are facing hard times. There is only 3 of them left now. Sister Margaret, the youngest of the 3 remaining and struggling in her role as Mother Superior. Sister Bridget, is perpetually happy, sees the wonder if everything and everyone and is the most marvellous cook. The elder of three Sister Cecilia, 90 has spent her life researching the benefactor, Edward Mortimer of the convent and also trying to win the lottery.

The convent is in disrepair, no new intakes and a building beyond its use with the school they used to teach at token away from their care. It seems the sisters will need to go their separate ways.

Then the sisters win on the lottery.

Is this the start of the small miracles they need to secure their future?

But fortune and miracles are not just for the religious but for everyone in Fairbridge. The priest Farther Hugh needs a new curate to share the workload and the church needs a new roof.

Matthew Woodburn, an expert on the paintings of Jack Mortimer, black sheep of the family and brother to the Nun’s benefactor. Surely there must be more of his paintings waiting to be discovered?

George wants to find love and break away from having to deal with his bitter and cantankerous mother. It seems that he will need to be brave.

Thomas finding solace in the Convent garden and with Sister Bridget’s cooking is desperate for his daughter to find her spark in life.

All it needs is a few miracles, small ones that gather speed and all of a sudden, 3 nuns, a travel agent and an art historian find themselves in Italy. Will it provide all the answers?

A gentle book, full of love and spirit and grief and misery .That sense of friendship, new relationships and community love that brings everyone together. The secrets kept and shared. I did not pay much attention to the synopsis of the book when I chose it, it was one of those random choices that I am glad I did pick up and could lose myself in thoroughly.

Joyful, spirited and full of nice things, in a world where we probably need a number of miracles this was pure indulgence in escapism.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book,.

Small Miracles is out now.

One thought on “Small Miracles – Anne Booth

  1. Been getting constant adverts for this on Facebook so it’s on my radar to read at some stage. It sounds lovely.

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