A Golden Cornish Summer – Phillipa Ashley

Emma has returned to Silver Cove in Cornwall where she spent her formative years of her life. She has come to stay with friend Maxi to find inspiration for her illustrating work and to grieve for her father.

She did not expect it to be easy, but she was not expecting to find her first love, Luke still there, well established and well respected as well as living in the place she once called home.

Luke and Emma’s love ran much deeper than their families thought. However it was their families which perhaps caused much of their heartache. Buried treasure, affairs and still some bitter resentments are prevalent some years later. Perhaps it is just not Luke and Emma who have issues to resolve perhaps their families do as well.

Emma decides that once she has completed her work she will again leave, but while there she gets drawn far too much into village life. Helping the Beachcombers clean up the detritus left by anyone on the beach, means she discovers in more beautiful creatures to draw. A reluctant friendship starts up with her old teacher Ms Bowen and she learns more about how love can affect your whole life.

Wherever she goes it seems Emma’s path will cross with Luke and when events thro them together in a heart stopping moment, it seems that all is not lost. That is until the past turns up to cause more trouble.

A warm and heartfelt novel which has that added mystery of buried treasure and family feuds that you would think you were reading Poldark. Add to that the backdrop of Cornwall, the golden beaches, the clear blue water, the wonderful sea life around you could be forgiven in thinking you are being swept away on holiday abroad. I felt like I was. What I will say is the author has kept it very real and her message about the destruction of the planet due to plastics, to the waste left on our landscapes is very much real.

Another warm escapist book from this author.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

A Golden Cornish Summer is out now.

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