Murder at the Country Club – Helena Dixon

Already onto book nine of this wonderful series and the delightful Kitty Underhay who helps run The Dolphin Hotel in Dartmouth along with her grandmother. Now with her fiancé Matthew Bryant, a private investigator Kitty finds her continuing to get into scrapes of her own and there is often a few dead bodies about!

Having been invited to see an Archery display, some tennis, a dance display and some wonderful food and drink, the last thing Kitty expects to find is a dead body,

But she does Sir William Winspear, the very person who invited herself and Matthew to the club. And he appears to have an arrow sticking out of him.

When it seems he has been thinking about changing his will, heard arguing with one of the exhibition dancers as well as being rather beastly to his own brother and sister. It seems the list of suspects is stacking up. Then one of them is found dead in the swimming pool.

Kitty with her skill of talking to the female suspects finds herself in the middle of the investigation with Matthew and Inspector Grenville and his penchant for biscuits! Can they get to the truth before anyone else dies?

This is a light murder mystery and it’s historical setting adds to its whimsey. That doesn’t mean it is not without pace and plot and also with a backstory running through all the books, it is not a series to be overlooked. I look forward to the next one and re-joining Kitty and if I could I would book into The Dolphin Hotel if only to watch what happens next!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Murder at the Country Club is out now.