Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park – Molly Green

I am always fascinated by books which feature Bletchley Park as a backdrop or setting and this book was no exception. Molly Green is a new author to me and one I will be going back to for sure.

Dulcie Treadwell works as a newspaper reporter in London, but she is not taken seriously despite her ability. On the eve of the war and the lights going out over London she decides she will write about that. There she meets an American, also a reporter, Glenn Reeves. A spark is ignited but when Glenn is posted to Berlin suddenly and he cannot get to tell Dulcie in time, she finds that love lost hurts.

Dulcie finds herself at Bletchley Park, thanks to her skill solving cryptic crosswords. She is thrust into a world full of clues and secrets. It is hard going, long shifts and with little time to oneself. However she is thrilled to be doing her ‘bit’ and she takes her role seriously.

Dulcie starts to make friends as well as enemy’s who seem to want to know what is going on at the park. All the time this is going on, she pines for Glenn and hopes that one day he will find happiness. Could that happiness involve Dulcie? The war displaces many people and breaks many hearts, but it also brings together the most unlikely people too.

When it looks like Dulcie has made a big mistake, will she be able to defend herself ands how how true she is to breaking the codes and keeping all secrets close to her heart.

This is a lovely start to what I can see will be a series of novels. If you enjoy Second World War sagas with romance and a dollop of intrigue then this book will be for you. It was for me and I look forward to returning to Bletchley Park later in the year.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Summer Secrets at Bletchley Park is out now.

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