The Summer That Changed Us – Cathy Bramley

If you want a book to sweep you away, make you laugh, make you cry and give you a warm hug then pretty much anything from Cathy Bramley will do that and this new book is no exception.

Set by the sea in Merle Bay, three women are thrown together unexpectedly and become the friends they did not realise they needed until they found each other.

Katie, runs the local lingerie shop and is keen on giving a boost to all ladies who come into the shop. But she is hiding her own secret and she cannot possibly tell anyone.

Robyn is healing but whilst she may be physically it seems the emotional scars are a long way from that and her marriage is at a crossroads. Can the strength of their love see them through?

Grace, the older of the three women is grieving. she has come to Merle Bay to find herself, to move on. However her husbands children seem hell bent on making sure they get what they feel they are entitled to until a revelation makes Grace reassess everything she knows.

The instant friendship that strikes up shows you how women can draw on the strength of others and have no hang ups or barriers about their past actions. Sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger than someone you are close to.

Add into the mix Amber, grieving for her mother and at that awkward teenage age and her father Barney, the local newspaper journalist. There could be some consequences if the secrets all of them hold are spilled forth.

This book covers some pretty tough topics; cancer, adultery, grief, exploitation of young women and mental health. Recovery from one, some or all of these things requires many methods and this book shows you that strength can be sought in friendships, in the environment by the sea, and in the wonder of craft with sea glass that is in abundance at the beach in Merle Bay.

I loved the book without a doubt and one of the best Cathy Bramley has written.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Summer That Changed Us is out now.

3 thoughts on “The Summer That Changed Us – Cathy Bramley

  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Jo! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Cathy xx

  2. I’ve loved the previous Cathy Bramley that I’ve read so am definitely interested in reading this. Great review

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