The Little Library on Cherry Lane – Katie Ginger

Elsie lives a quiet life, the village librarian, she keeps herself pretty much to herself, She doesn’t want to be noticed, despite the fact she notices a lot and a lot of people rely on her presence within the village and of course in the library. The village and the library are her whole world. Why would she want to do or go anywhere else?

When all she knows is threatened – Elsie has to step forward and be heard and seen. The library is to be closed, to make way for more affordable housing. The place needs to be saved, it is a haven for those who are lonely, stressed mothers, coffee mornings and baby groups as well as books.

The affordable housing is the idea of Jacob Yardley, who is desperately trying to appease his father and show that he can successfully work on a building project of his own. Except Jacob’s heart isn’t in it and he will not play the underhand games to ensure that the library is knocked down to make way for the housing at the expense of a whole community.

Jacob and Elsie first meet and there is a spark, but when they both find out what the other stands for, it is a spark which is not going to go as planned. Much to the disappointment of Elsie’s friends who think Elsie needs to step out from behind whichever books she has her nose in.

Whilst this a wonderful romance, set in a lovely community and of course features a library. It touches on many topical points to do with little villages surviving when the inhabitants age and grow. How a project such as affordable housing can divide villages, relationships and friendships and how the strength of something such as the loss a library brings everyone together.

I enjoyed all the characters and quite frankly wanted to poke Jacob’s father in the eye with his grandiose attitude of what is right for his son! But that said, you could see who Elsie and Jacob were clearly meant to be together and that their shared passion of words, books and poetry were going to overcome any obstacle – eventually!

A perfect book for fans of warm, comforting women’s fiction and I guarantee you will want to move to the village right away!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Little Library on Cherry Lane is out now.