Parish Notices

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this time of year. Happy Sunday to those who are just enjoying the wonderful weather we are having at the moment in the UK.

The sunshine, blue skies and lack of rain has certainly made me feel a lot better lately.

It has been a while since we have had any notices around here – I have been all consumed with work and I have not really had much of an inclination to even write reviews, which is why I am a bit behind. So please bear with if there are some rather large gaps in posting. Currently off work for the Easter break, I endeavour to at least be a little bit ahead of the game.

So just in case you have missed anything going on round here – here are couple of books you might want to look out for

If only life really as about following your dreams.……

Three women at very different points in their lives, are all thrown together to get the village pub at Rushbrook back up and running. At the same time to get their own lives back up an running.

There was something about this book which moved me, reminded me how strong a single female can be and that determination and a bit of old fashioned hard work can get you anywhere and that whatever path you choose, its always the right one for you at that time. It may be that all impulses are for a reason.

I love a good story and this is why I of course love reading. I love hearing snippets of stories as I go about my day, what is the rest of the story, what brought that person to that point when I over hear the story. Where will the story go next?

This book is full of human nature in all its forms, it is told through the stories of others as well as Janice, and I was fascinated by it’s structure and how it was going to conclude. It proves that there are so many stories to be told and that actually we have to take time out and listen to them – because people may just surprise you!

The book surprised me, it delighted me and will leave an imprint on my reading soul.

Do let me know what has been going on around your parish and whether you have any great reads you wish to share?

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