The Girl at the Last House Before the Sea – Liz Eeles

This is the third in the series of books set in Heaven’s Cove and we get to find a bit more about the history of Driftwood House; the Last House Before the Sea.

Freya arrives in Heaven’s cover, divorced and jobless. The two constants in her life are gone and she finds herself thanks to her half sister, Belinda with new employment and a place to live.

That new employment is with Kathleen, herself only recently arrived at Heaven’s Cove some few years previous. Kathleen is an eighty year old who is a bit unsteady on her feet and with Freya’s experience of care giving it seems the perfect match. Freya gets a job and home and Kathleen is well looked after and still holding on to that bit of independence and not being a burden on her only son.

Ryan though thinks this imposition is rather much, it is typical Belinda; well known in Heaven’s Cove for the gossip she peddles and the lives she interferes in. Ryan has enough to deal with grieving for his wife, dealing with twelve year old daughter Chole without adding a complete stranger moving into his mother’s house.

When he then sees that his mother has given Freya money, it seems that all is not as it seems. But then nothing ever is and surely Kathleen moving to Heaven’s Cove has to have been for a reason. Kathleen’s choice of bedroom in the cottage overlooking Driftwood House.

Secrets start flooding out and when you have a gossipy sister, Freya knows that she has to keep it all to herself. However the truth will out and some secrets need to be told to resolve the past and move forward into the future happier and more peaceful.

Will it all come together for Freya? Will Kathleen reveal what she has been hiding? And what of the history of Driftwood House?

Although part of series set in the same place, any of these books can be read as standalone. The only familiarity is the setting, the landscape and of course Driftwood House. Told from different points of view from all the main characters it draws you into their lives and their secrets. I think it is well written and has a quiet strength that once all these secrets are out then anything can be resolved.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Girls at the Last House by the Sea is out now.

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