The Keeper of Stories – Sally Page

I love a good story and this is why I of course love reading. I love hearing snippets of stories as I go about my day, what is the rest of the story, what brought that person to that point when I over hear the story. Where will the story go next?

For Janice sees herself and assume that others see her as just a cleaner. A former boss of mine said, no one is just anything and Janice is not just a cleaner, she is a collector of stories. Stories that she has picked up along her way in life and whilst also being a collector she is living her own story as well. But what is Janice’s story/

Along the way in this book, we meet Fiona and her young son Adam, grieving from the loss of her husband and father and creating a world that is not sustainable. Then there is Geordie; the opera singer, Mrs Yeahyeahyeah permanently attached to her phone with a fox terrier who has the ability to read Janice’s mind it seems.

Then we are introduced to the redoubtable Mrs B – she knows there is story to tell, she has many of her own but she knows Janice’s story is what is holding her back from the future.

Through some crafty wit and events along the way, we learn as does Mrs B about Janice’s story and we start to learn that everyone has one. A story, in fact they have many and the ones they choose to tell are the ones that we use to shape our opinions of them. Is the story you are being told the truth? And actually are other peoples stories all the more fascinating because they are not ours?

This book is full of human nature in all its forms, it is told through the stories of others as well as Janice, and I was fascinated by it’s structure and how it was going to conclude. It proves that there are so many stories to be told and that actually we have to take time out and listen to them – because people may just surprise you!

The book surprised me, it delighted me and will leave an imprint on my reading soul.

Thank you very much to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Keeper of Stories is out now.