The Farmhouse of Second Chances – Helen Rolfe

You could say that home is where the heart is or wherever you lay your hat. For many people who have stayed at the Old Dairy Farm that is very true as they don’t move far and come back when and as much as they can. That is because of the love that Joy gives them, the love that Joy received when she was down on her luck all those years ago.

Libby is a high flyer in New York, but has swapped it for the quiet countryside of Somerset and her Aunt Joy’s home. The last time she saw her Aunt she was a mere child, but has kept up a correspondence over the years. Secret from her own parents as Joy was always considered someone you never spoke about within the family.

Libby doesn’t know what happened. Only Joy can share the story, but it is a story that will ripple out to everyone who has been living and working at the Old Dairy Farm.

This is book full of secrets and it kept me turning the page and I was intrigued in Joy’s past; my assumption was wrong and the real truth was heart breaking and I felt such a loss for the life Joy could have led. The emotions in the book are quite raw but there was such joy in seeing the characters interact, progress and develop that the books leaves you with such a lovely feeling. I was transported to the kitchen table for a full breakfast and I couldn’t wait to interact with the gorgeous puppies, being given new homes as well.

A book full of second chances and making a home wherever your heart is most at ease.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Farmhouse of Second Chances is out now.

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