The House Beneath the Cliffs – Sharon Gosling

Anna is having to start again, and she ends up in Crovie a small fishing village in Scotland. Buying a property sight unseen might not be the wisest thing she has ever done, but there is something about the place that gets into Anna’s soul.

The property known as Fishergirl’s Luck is little more than a stone shed on the edge of a cliff. Perhaps the place to hide away and restart something, but not a home for forever. Anna finds this place the best to reset. Her neighbours and the majority of the locals are welcoming and warm. Embracing her into village life and friendship, apart from one who thinks his birth right has been taken away from him again.

As Anna stays longer, she starts to use the fresh ingredients to cook to help heal her soul and work out what she intends to do next. Through the cooking and the descriptions are mouth watering, she finds setting up a little lunch club is the prefects way to make some money until she can really decide what to do next.

However events take a different turn and there are many opportunities that Anna is presented with, not all of them to her liking and some that involve going backwards and not forwards. Surely the landscape and the community of Crovie will give her the answers.

Then on one fateful day, the elements decide to take the future and very much the present into its own hands. The community are effected, the future is now changing for a number of them and Anna really needs to decide where she wants to continue her life.

If you want a book full of descriptions of appealing food, wonderful scenery, epic weather events and a mix of wonderful quirky characters who all have their place it the community then this is the book for you. It has found a place in my heart as it was not wrapped up in providing the happy ever after that perhaps you think as the story progresses but focuses on the ups and downs of real life.

A beautiful read to be devoured just as the descriptive food within the pages, on a sofa as the elements batter your window but the heat of the fire and the heart of the story, warm you forever.

I look forward to reading more from Sharon Gosling and if this is the standard of work to except then I will not be disappointed.

The House Beneath the Cliffs is out now in all formats.

I requested this book via netgalley but missed the point of downloading it in time, however I went and bought the book. And I am so glad I did.

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