A Cosy Christmas at Bridget’s Bicycle Bakery – Alex Brown

Bridget, newly widowed with a young daughter and twin teenagers heads back to Mulberry-on-Sea thinking this is the place where she can heal and her family can start again. With only a few weeks to Christmas she seeks sanctuary in the beach house that her widowed husbands parents own.

Not perhaps the ideal way to start another Christmas without her husband, trying to make a home in a beach house that is perhaps not quite full waterproof and a car about to drive its last mile. Her introduction to the community doesn’t leave a lot to be desired, but she soon find solace in coming back here.

Bridget turns to her love of baking, bread especially and finds herself sharing her loaves with the locals. She meets up with old friends and makes new ones with people who are on their own for whatever reason and just want some company. All of this means that suddenly Bridget’s bread is gaining in popularity and when her twins set up an little enterprise from their own home, it seems that Bridget is well and truly now part of the community.

At the same time, the children are blossoming and they are finding this second Christmas a little easier to deal with. Even when you have to deal with drunk grandmothers on zoom calls and rather exuberant dogs.

This really is a Christmas read which has community spirit rising off the page, just like the bread that Bridget bakes. The best bit is the fact that you can smell and taste the bread and you don’t put on an ounce of weight! The thought of freshly baked bread, eaten with lashings of butter and a large cup of tea on the beach, all wrapped up warm had me wishing I was spending time at Mulberry on Sea.

A book to whisk you away, full of Christmas, community and carbs – what more could you want! I hope to see more of Bridget soon.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

A Cosy Christmas at Bridget’s Bicycle Bakery is out now.