Christmas Wishes at Pudding Hall – Kate Forster

What better way to spend Christmas than at Pudding Hall – it sounds a lovely place. Sadly its residents are not so lovely.

Marc Ferrier, owner of the hall is living there with his twin ten year old sons seemingly permanently attached to their gadgets whilst he spends his hours focused wholeheartedly on his business and nothing else. Along with his lawyer and his lawyers partner. It’s more of an office than a home.

That is until Christa arrives. Divorced, homeless and jobless in one fell swoop she takes the job of cooking at Pudding Hall for a silly amount of money, but it gives her chance to at least have a roof over her head for a month while she decides what to do next.

Christa shows Marc and his boys that there is another life to lead and one that is filled with pure enjoyment of Christmas and the simpler things in life. Whilst always remembering that there is some who are less fortunate than you might think.

With some ghosts of the past to face up to and some ghosts of the future to perhaps tackle, this is without a book which takes the good old fashioned Christmas tales of the past and gives it a lovely unique twist.

Written as if you are experiencing the ultimate Christmas Menu, Kate Forster takes the joy of food and Christmas and combines it with this lovely story which can be devoured in a couple of sittings at least. And not a ounce of weight will you put on!

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Christmas Wishes at Pudding Hall is out now.

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