The Perfect Christmas Gift – Katie Ginger

Bella’s Christmas’s are always special, she loves the build up and the time she gets to spend with those she loves, her boyfriend, her family and her friends. Except this Christmas is going to be very different.

Bella returns home to find a suitcase and her boyfriends trying to leave without telling her. Bella is heartbroken and wonders how this Christmas can be at all special when she feels so desolate.

Bella’s next door neighbour is Nick, single father to Freddie a boy at the school where Bella teaches. He has not really got to grips with managing life as a single father but is determined to put his son first when he is subjected to bullying at school.

When Bella comes up with the wonderful idea of a giving tree, so everyone gets some Christmas joy throughout the village she starts to see a future. Her interactions with Nick become more frequent and she find him very much different to her ex boyfriend. Add into the mix, the festive season, the snow falling and the expectation of what is to come and it all seems plain sailing.

Until a ghost of the past returns and it looks like Bella is back to square one and facing a very different Christmas than the one she hoped for.

This is a wonderful tale, it embraces the joy of giving, of being with family (no matter how mad!) and of enjoying a white Christmas from the comfort of your own home. Added to that was the wonderful picture that the author created with a lot of the book set in a village school, where the children are such vibrant little characters that you can’t help but laugh and enjoy their innocence.

A book to warm your heart and not afraid to shy away from tackling some not so warming subjects. Handled with care, makes this a wonderful book to escape in this Christmas.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

The Perfect Christmas Gift is out now.